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Welcome to the WARRIORS FEAST!

This is the web site of the Eternal Warriors, a gathering of friends and sword fighting enthusiasts that started in winter 1990 and survived as well as thrived up to this very day!
While redesigning the site which originated in August 2000, I am adding a new chapter for English speaking readers, a thing that visitors frequently asked for time after time. As it is not possible to translate each and every detail into English, I hope the subdirectories displayed on the right hand side offer ample information to understand who we are, what we do and what our intentions and beliefs are. Some buttons like GALLERY transfer you to the main part of the web site, where there may be German inscriptions, but general information is comprehensible nevertheless. To avoid confusion, you may always use the ENGLISH SITE-button to return here and start again on the submenues.
If you have any problems or want information beyond that on display, feel free to contact us via email (webmaster[at]warriorsfeast[dot]de).

This site presents the WARRIORS’ FEAST from 1990-2010!


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